100Sketchbooks is the name artist Sven ’t Jolle has given to this online art project. It is an associative archive, totally public while very private in its method, references and logic. It comprises page-by-page scans of all his sketchbooks over the course of two decades, from 1995 to 2016, which – as the title suggests – number 100. These reveal his working process, his reworking of ideas, forms, motifs, titles, puns... They feature clippings from newspapers, reproductions of art historical masterpieces, drawings of forms or characters seen or imagined during ’t Jolle’s travels, and scenes that are inspired by casual anecdotes or hard, economic facts. However, they are not diaristic, nor are they travel journals. They also refuse to follow the rules of chronology, as the artist often works in parallel on more than one drawing and must switch books in order to let one watercolour dry while he works on another. While giving access to his thought process to outsiders, 100Sketchbooks also serves as a source to which the artist himself can return, no matter where he may be. (Zoe Gray, 2016)